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Colours have a significant role in our everyday lives. They influence our mood and can change our state of mind, thoughts, and attitudes.

When considering the right colour for your kitchen or home

specific tones and shades can invoke a different ambience or energy within a room. Similarly, the importance of light and dark, influences the visual perspectives of a room that may or may not work in your favour. The amount of light in a room can drastically change a colour, it also affects how the eye perceives the space both in size and overall feel.

Neutral vs Vivid

For your home to reflect your persona, you must first consider the use of a neutral or vivid colour scheme, or even somewhere in between. You may have a preference to select from classic colours and shades, whilst others may opt for something bolder and more outgoing.

If trying to achieve a cohesive look, the palette chosen should balance and create harmony, by creating a flow between all rooms. The use of too many different colours can create a too disjointed look.

Neutral earthy tones like white, cream, pastels, and soft browns, can help establish a simple base for any room, as well as creating uniformity which is generally more appealing to the eye. To add vibrant colour to this subtle colour scheme, you may wish to incorporate a feature wall or décor items, such as a red toaster and kettle on a kitchen bench, or coloured soap dispenser, toothbrush cup and towels for the bathroom.

If you prefer lots of colour and movement this too can be achieved but requires careful selections to avoid a look that is too disjointed. Sensational and bold colour choices can add energy and excitement to any room.

Light vs Dark

The balance between light and dark is important when renovating your home. The use of light colours can make a room look larger, whilst a darker colour can both help to hide or make something less noticeable (such as a wall or a structural pillar), or if contrasted with a lighter background, can conversely assist in highlighting a feature.

Another important factor to consider is how much natural light you receive in specific rooms – this can help set up the most appropriate colour palette.

We know it’s easy to get lost in colour options, nuances, or combinations, but rest assured that at Nouvelle you will find a professional partner to guide you to make the right choice in terms of colours that fit your home, style and personality.

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