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Nouvelle Specialises in Apartment Renovation

Customers regularly tell us that apartment renovation is impossible in Sydney and that other providers don’t want to take it on because of the complex planning required to execute it successfully.

Apartment renovation is one of our areas of expertise, and it’s time we get the word out so frustrated apartment owners can easily find us.

We can guide you through and complete your apartment renovation with minimal headaches for you, your strata committee, and your neighbours.

Three Categories of Apartment Renovations in NSW

In NSW, there are three renovation categories, and your requirement for permits and approval depends on which area your changes fall in.

1. Cosmetic Upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades are minor and don’t alter the structure, waterproofing, or anything outside your apartment. These upgrades don’t need approval and include things like:

All strata schemes use these as a guideline but may also add more to this list of cosmetic work. The owner’s corporation can choose to pass a by-law that covers this.

2. Minor Renovations

Any minor renovations will generally need approval from your strata committee, check whether this is the case at your building. If not, it may need to be voted on at a general meeting. Minor renovations include things like:

Learn more about the areas for minor renovations covered by all strata schemes here. Contact your owner’s corporation for a complete list from them.

The areas that cannot be involved in minor renovations include any changes to the outside appearance of the building and changes that may affect waterproofing, such as a bathroom renovation.

Before seeking approval, check with your strata committee whether they need plans of work, an acoustic certification, and the qualifications of the tradespeople who will be completing the work.

3. Major Renovations

All major renovations must have a special resolution vote at a general meeting or AGM. Confirm how this is managed with your owner’s corporation. However, they cannot approve major renovations, which include:

Your Property VS Common Property

One of the first things you need to understand about apartment renovation is what belongs to you or The Lot and what is common property managed by the Owners Corporation. When you have a house, you own everything on the title; however, that is not the case with an apartment.

Common property is generally the main structure, including the four outer walls, the ceiling, the roof, the floor, the external building walls, foyers, driveways, and any other areas that grant access to everyone.
As an owner of an apartment, what is yours is the airspace in your lot. This includes the paint, fixtures, carpet, and internal walls.

Structural Restrictions Governing Apartment Upgrades

When you plan to renovate your apartment, you need to be aware of the limitations you must work with around structural changes. It doesn’t mean they are impossible, but they will require more planning and scope, and for this, you need the services of a professional well-versed in apartment renovations.

How Renovating Your Apartment Differs From a Home

Apartments are not stand-alone buildings. It’s close living. Anything you do in terms of renovation can affect the building structure and integrity and the peaceful living of your neighbours. This means that the process of renovating an apartment is handled mindfully by us at Nouvelle.

We understand the nuances of apartment renovations and plan around them to ensure that you are happy and your neighbours and strata organisation are too. Things that we plan for include:

Access Limitation

Communicating/negotiating work times – start and end of the day.

Parking restrictions

Get additional permits where necessary to ensure that building access is not hampered and residents still have access to parking.


We plan with the strata organisation and neighbours to reduce disturbance regarding noise, giving prior notice for major works to assist planning.


We don't use skip bins. We Demolish and take our waste away, so no nasty skip bins sitting around for days getting in the way.


We understand that common areas and lifts need to be protected from damage and take every necessary measure to ensure the integrity of common spaces.

Apartment Renovations. We Have Got You Covered

We love renovating apartments and are experts at planning and executing apartment renovations. We have the appropriate insurance and licences and will liaise with the strata committee.

If you are thinking of renovating your apartment, call us or come into our showroom for a chat about how we can make your dream a reality.