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Honest, open and timely renovation communication is key in all endeavours, and an especially important one for a renovation project. One of the key ways to ensure this, is to have a project manager allocated by your renovator. This person is your go-to person during the entire renovation process, which means that you don’t need to address any issues with timelines, tradespeople, or deliveries with anyone else – that’s their job! And it’s their job to keep the project on track and advise you of any changes to the schedule.

Start with a design brief

Any renovation needs to start with a design brief, and the renovation company’s team of people you work with need to know all the details. So, if you have ideas, be clear about what they are, and feel free to share your dreams and ideal outcomes right from the start.
It is also useful to have regular progress meetings or phone calls and to follow these up with emails or further written documentation.
A regular status report will also help you to alleviate concerns, from the onset of the project through construction.

Issues sometimes come to light during construction – may be a key product is delayed or discontinued or maybe something is discovered during demolition that requires attention. If there are changes to products or costs, both you and the renovation company need to sign off and agree on the changes. This document, often known as a variation to contract, outlines the nature of the variations and any changes to costs involved.

And, if you don’t understand what’s being discussed at each stage of the project, always ask for clarification and we’d be happy to answer all questions – and the earlier, the better.

Trust is built over time, backed with actions and communication about your renovation project is key!

This delivers a joyful and stress-free home renovation experience.

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