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Today’s homes are an expression of our likes

tastes, styles and how we live. It’s imperative that your home is a place where family and friends can relax, get together, work and play in an environment that caters to your needs. A home renovation can help you achieve the layout and design which will do all this, and more.
Whether you are considering a major renovation or a few minor changes, our specialist designers based in Sydney can help you achieve your dreams. Home renovations require the expert touch to ensure that the available space is utilised effectively and efficiently to maximise your outcomes.
Nouvelle offers a full-service design and project management division which can look after all aspects of your home renovation with one point of contact for all your needs. The company holds a full builder’s licence so is able to co-ordinate all trades and sub-contractors, as well as provide expert advice on the best approach to a wide range of home renovations.
Select from the options below to find out more about the type of renovations Nouvelle can provide.

Kitchen Renovations

Today’s kitchens don’t exist within four walls – they are open-plan, family-friendly entertaining hubs and we expect they will cater

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom renovation will need to take into account many factors including the size of the existing space and whether this can be enlarged

Bedroom Renovations

With a range of bedroom design ideas to suit a variety of homes and families, let Nouvelle inspire you with our bedroom renovations.

Custom Made Furniture

When you have a challenging space to fill consider using custom-made furniture. Our professional designers can create entertainment units and other modern-style furniture that will fit perfectly in any space and will ensure your home renovation is a success.

Renovation Ideas

It’s always a great idea to collect a scrapbook of designs you like to share with your designer and builder before you undertake any home renovation. Here we’ve compiled a great selection of inspirational ideas and images to get you started.