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When undertaking a kitchen renovation

it can be hard to source lots of kitchen design ideas for your new space. Whether you are planning a traditional, modern, classic or contemporary theme in your small, medium or large space, you’ll want to look at a range of design ideas before your visit with your designer.

It’s important to remember that your needs and tastes are unique so never try to re-create exactly something you’ve seen in a magazine. Gather a range of inspiration into a scrapbook either online or on paper to share with your designer then leave yourself in their capable hands to come up with a design that fits your personality, your family and your lifestyle.

Here are a number of kitchen design ideas to consider:


The boxy, boring kitchen of years gone by has been replaced with an aesthetically-interesting space that engages the eye as well as provides the functionality you need. In this kitchen renovation example we can see how the off-set cabinetry at the rear of the kitchen adds visual interest while the expert choice of colour scheme makes use of a neutral background which is enhanced by pops of colour where needed.


If you entertain on a regular basis, you’ll need to think carefully about how your use of the kitchen changes from day-to-day and how you can incorporate items that might not be used every day. This kitchen design features a great use of space with the beverage centres installed on the outside of the island making them accessible during busy times without the need to move into the working area of the kitchen.


If you are planning a traditional kitchen, consider how it will fit into the existing home and what ideas you could incorporate to help the two styles work together. In this design a country kitchen has been given many classic features while a few, well-chosen more modern elements make it less ornate and a better fit for the design of the home.


Talk to your kitchen designer about how best to use the kitchen space you have available. It’s easy to assume that awkward spaces can’t be used effectively but, as this design shows, there is usually a solution to most space issues and your designer will be able to offer expert opinion on placement of appliances and workspaces to ensure optimal efficiency.

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