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Designs that Enhance

Supplying the latest design knobs, handles, and architectural hardware. Kethy believes in delivering ‘Designs that Enhance’.

Solid Stainless Steel

Made for frequent usage, the stainless steel looks good and it’s practical for daily usage. Kethy offers a large variety of knobs and handles from stainless steel that is designed with care and attention to details

Timber Collection

This is a collection that will steal your heart away as elements are stylish and have great designs able to make your furniture stand out by adding small chromatic touches. Timber is combined with colours to deliver a special visual effect.

Brass and Cooper

Qualitative, subtle, and resistant. The products in brass and cooper cover an extensive palette of styles to choose from.

Aluminum Doors and Door Opening Systems

Durability is what defines this range of products. As Kethy places, great attention towards durability, aluminum doors, and door opening system they provide are among the best available in the market.

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