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Homero Resende

Architectural Design Professional
For the past 25 years, Homero has specialized in designing Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Renovations, and House Extensions with a broad experience in Building Design, Construction, and Project Management, making him a reliable end to end expert.
Homero has lived in many different countries and what inspires him the most is the everyday beauty that life has to offer. He transposes his creative sensitivity and life experience into outstanding kitchen design.
His international experience has to lead him to a point where he can embrace different styles and create multiple design directions. Homero is always considering the uniqueness of each project, the importance of functionality, and how this blend with design, combined with attention to details – the small elements that can make a huge difference.
Aside from design, cooking is the greatest passion Homero has, so he gets to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And when the passion for kitchen design is combined with a passion for cooking that’s when outstanding kitchen style blends with perfect functionality. As a result, clients get to enjoy a kitchen that not only looks amazing but make their life better, easier.
“Lifestyle and kitchens go hand in hand because in today’s world the kitchen is the heart of the home,” says Homero.
With his natural friendliness, Homero identifies all the needs clients have when renovating their kitchens. From style, design trends, the daily lifestyle of each family or individual, to appliances, functionality, and budget, nothing is left aside. At the end of the meeting, he has a clear picture of what needs to be done most efficiently to come with a collaborative solution. At the same time, clients get to understand the process, requirements, and expectations.
Homero is not only a very experienced designer with the ability to find creative solutions, but he’s a friendly and warm person both clients and colleagues enjoy working with.

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