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Just like in a kitchen, the bathroom will need plumbing work with almost every renovation, and just as for electricians, plumbers also need to be licensed and keep up to date with government regulations and plumbing Australian standards, for drainage, water and gas.

Kitchen & Bathroom Australian Standards

In addition, all products used in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, need to be covered by the Australian Standards Water Mark (a WELS rating). If they don’t, your plumber is not legally allowed to install them.

With any renovation, your choice of appliances, sinks, tapware and bathroom ware will affect how the plumbing interacts with the cabinetry and the space you need to allow – sink drawers are a fantastic innovation that helps to maximize the usefulness of the space under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet.
Keeping your dishwasher close to the sink is advisable as water and drainage hoses are easier to install and will ensure the efficient running of your dishwasher. Plumbing may also be required for other optional appliances such as a separate filtered water tap, a sink in a butler’s pantry, refrigerator with water/ice dispenser, etc.
In kitchen renovations, it is essential to also research your options regarding gas installations, so as not to incur unforeseen costs which you had not budgeted for, such as the cost of connecting gas from the street to your home, and how far your kitchen is from the point of entry of gas to your home. Our experienced plumbers will be able to advise on this.
One way to be budget-conscious when planning a renovation is to use the existing plumbing layout – changing the existing drainage and pipe layout is expensive, not to mention time-consuming, as it will lengthen the time of your renovation. Plumbing will also need to be reworked to suit new fixtures such as for a wall-hung vanity that is replacing a floor vanity, or to allow for the installation of a hidden cistern replacing a back to wall WC, or to provide water for a fridge with a water and ice dispenser.
As a general rule, the electrician and plumber will connect appliances, sinks, taps, and lighting and power points after all joinery, benchtops, wall tiling and splashbacks are installed.

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