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Kitchen design, bathroom design or design for any room you are renovating is the most exciting aspect of the project. Custom-made or standard expresses your personality and what ‘home’ means to you and your family.

Whether it is kitchen design, bathroom, laundry,

or for any room in your home that you are looking to renovate, there are many aspects to consider before deciding what the best options are for you.

No matter the complexity and desires, there are solutions for you to make the right choices. Professional designers, project management team, and trades, will assist you every step of the way to make the right choices.
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This aspect of kitchen design is very dependent on space available, number and type of entry-ways into the space, lifestyle and user needs. The decision regarding aspects such as placement of an oven in a kitchen or whether to have a WC separate from the bath and vanity area are very important. A must-have discussion early in the kitchen or bathroom design process, as it may turn out that your ideal result may require structural changes.

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The style choice needs to reflect your unique personality and specific requirements and the personality of your house and space characteristics.

Professional styling will go a long way to creating a consistent story that will make your home a joy to live in.
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There is possibly no better way to personalize your space than with colour. From calm and soothing to colourful and exciting, and everything in between – the choice is yours. Unless renovating purely to resell or let out, let your favourite colours surround you! Let them reflect your personality and your lifestyle.

It is also an important decision, as it can make or break all other design choices. Poor colour choices can alter the style in unintended ways.
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It is essential to review all your choices and preferences early in your design process, as there are so many options, all in different materials, colours, and finishes. These decisions will assist in narrowing down your colours and materials choices for other elements in the design process.

Choosing the correct floor requires consideration not only of your practical and aesthetic needs but also your budget.

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Lighting should not be an afterthought – it can not only transform the ambience of your space; it can also make tasks easier. Lighting that is too bright, not bright enough, incorrectly placed, too large or too small will cause no end of frustration. As kitchens and bathrooms are used both day and night, the lighting incorporated needs to suit all times of the day. When advising on the style and approach to take with your home renovation, you will need expert advice to give lighting a special place in the project as we know how much of an impact lighting can have.

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To attain your ideal look and not compromise on aesthetics, functionality and longevity, choosing materials requires careful consideration and research.

Your selection will depend on personal preference, style choice, as well as what is most suitable for your needs.