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We are always looking for opportunities to connect with and support you and share our professional knowledge, and our eBooks are the result. We have collated our collective expertise into a series of short eBooks that are downloadable and available for you to enjoy.
Here you will find a wealth of knowledge from our experienced designers to help you navigate your renovation journey from choosing the best cabinetry for your kitchen to splashbacks, toilets, and even laundries.
We have documented the worst behaviours we have seen in the industry and included them here in a handy guide to help you avoid the pitfalls unfortunately prevalent with some providers.

Alternatively, you can scroll through the list below and download them one by one. Enjoy the read!

Eight FAILINGS of the renovation industry - That Will Definitely Cost You Money!

Not all renovation providers are created equal; the industry is rife with companies that may mislead or exaggerate, ultimately leading to unexpected costs. Nouvelle, with our veteran experience, aims to guide you by highlighting the eight common pitfalls to steer clear of and offering easy ways to spot them.

Elements of Style:

12 Things to Know Before Renovating

Design is the first step in pursuing a new kitchen renovation, and if you get it wrong you are stuck with a costly bill to fix it or having to live with it for a long time.

Elements of Style:

Avoid The Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets Disaster

Thermofoil or Polyurethane? A question that often comes up when we talk to new clients about renovating their homes. To us, the choice is obvious, and we are about to outline why. But for new renovators especially, we created this guide to help you avoid the potential disaster that using Thermafoil can be.

Elements of Style:

Alfresco Dining, Flooring & Getting Connected

Discover these design elements that can sometimes be overlooked but elevate your standard of living. Don’t forget to add these features into your planning, they contribute to how you enjoy your home with peace of mind.

Elements of Style:

Appliances Ensure the Ultimate in Functionality

Add the right appliances to your kitchen renovation to ensure you get the capabilities you desire. Choosing the right appliances and fittings is not just a matter of what looks great. Making sure you have access to the best professional and unbiased advice is essential to ensure you have the right appliances for you.

Elements of Style:

Bathrooms, Laundries, Tapware & Toilets

Stylish elements and essential features can be confusing to choose for these vital areas without the right experience. They need to be functional yet align with the overall design of your home.

Elements of Style:

Benchtops & Splashbacks Make a Statement

Choose these elements as much for functionality as for design. Your ideal benchtop should not only reflect your preferred style but also be durable and match a maintenance level you are happy to live with.
Kitchen Renovation Ideas Benchtops and Splashbacks
Kitchen Renovation Ideas Cabinetry Sets The Tone

Elements of Style:

Cabinetry Sets the Tone

Establish the character of your kitchen renovation with the careful selection of this pivotal element. Don’t forget to ensure that the look and feel of your cabinetry fit the storage and functionality that you are renovating to improve.


A Deep Dive into Project Managing Home Renovation

Uncover how experts oversee successful renovations with meticulous planning. A professionally managed renovation will make all the difference – from start to finish – and affect how your initial planning is executed, both from a time and a budget point of view.

Lining Your Regulation Ducks Up in a Row

No matter how high the quality of the work and materials used, the possibility of future repairs and maintenance needs to be planned for. It is essential to have appropriate warranties and insurance in place and some assurance of continuous and readily accessible after-sales service.


Supplier Relationships Ensure Quality & Delivered Ontime Elements

An established supplier relationship will save you money and time. A good renovation company will have long-established contacts with suppliers. Over time, trusted relationships are forged with similar-minded suppliers, who match the ethics and quality demands of the renovation specialist.


High-Quality Workmanship Transforms Your Renovation

Learn about the pivotal role that tradespeople play in every successful renovation. Several trades will be needed for your renovation to ensure the work is high-quality and regulation compliant. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to manage this by yourself.

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