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No matter how high the quality of the work and materials used for a home care renovations, the possibility of future repairs and maintenance need to be considered, so it is essential to have appropriate insurances and warranties in place, as well as some some assurance of continuous after service. This is an important part aspect to consider when choosing your renovation company, benchtops and other materials, as well as appliances, PC items, etc.

Correct maintenance and cleaning methods

In addition, correct maintenance and cleaning methods will ensure the longevity of each item, so knowing how to best take care of them is essential.


It is very frustrating and inconvenient when any item in your home is not functioning as it should, or indeed, stops working at all. Appliances such as refrigerators and ovens are so essential in our day to day lives, that having any break down can throw a household into a state of chaos. Good warranties and after service, as well as willing attitude in this regard are very important. At Nouvelle we pride ourselves in our ability and willingness to assist clients with any repairs that may be required, long after the kitchen or bathroom is installed.


Insurance is not optional, but mandatory for peace of mind. It will be the difference between prompt repair or replacement and will save you of a lot of headaches in case something unpredictable happens. Your contractor should be able to provide HBCF insurance and have appropriate Public Liability insurance – a must to ensure your supplier has this, as any damage caused by them during a renovation could be disastrous both financially and practically, if they do not have sufficient, or no cover. By law your contractor should also have Workers Compensation Insurance.

Warranties and Australian Standards

What warranties are included in renovations? This is a common question asked by homeowners. Warranties and Australian Standards play an important role in safeguarding the consumer.
There are several types of warranties that cover the various aspects of a renovation, from workmanship to materials and products, such as waterproofing certificates and joinery warranties.

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