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Australia’s leading kitchen and laundry specialist

Winning Appliances is known as Australia’s leading kitchen and laundry specialist with an outstanding range of products sourced from the world’s finest brands.

Best Appliances Available

With a team of buyers searching the world for the finest and most innovative products, Winning Appliances brings to Australia the best appliances available in a variety that covers all budgets and needs.

International and Exclusive Brands

When it comes to cooking and laundry appliances there is an unmatched selection of international brands that are often exclusive so there is no need for the customer to search anywhere else.

Expert Knowledge

It’s often hard to decide what are the best cooking or laundry appliances for your needs as there are many aspects to consider. The size, style, or different features can be overwhelming so using expert knowledge is mandatory and brings in the confidence of making the best decision. Luckily this one-stop brand has all it takes for you to choose exactly what’s right for you. A well-trained team of experts is ready to help out and advise you at any stage, without any extra commission or hidden cost.

Value Guarantee

Product exclusivity does not have to come with additional value tags. Winning Appliances is making sure to offer to Australia the best value in the market, for the best service. This approach makes this company unbeatable in the market and has won the appreciation of customers.

Excellence Recognition

The winner attitude and approach the company is showing daily has not been left unnoticed. With a do-er attitude, Winner Appliances has won over the years multiple awards for innovative store design, successful family business, and customer service excellence.

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