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There are many renovation trades involved in any renovation, no matter whether, kitchen, bathroom or structural. A company doing renovations must build, over time, relationships with highly qualified tradespeople or companies specialised in trades required for renovation to provide customers with high class services and results. This will ensure a high standard of work.

Availability of trades

Another consideration is the availability of trades. Across the industry, there’s a shortage of tradespeople so finding someone with availability to take on your renovation could be tricky.

As such, it is highly recommended to have access to a renovation company that has access to all the trades needed for your renovation, on time and budget so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

For most renovations you can reasonably expect to have to engage the following trades:

Check measure

It is essential that this step be undertaken, in order to ensure that the delivered kitchen or bathroom is what was agreed. Unfortunately, many companies are bypassing this step, in order to ‘save money’ – the end result can be disastrous, with incorrect items being delivered, (even entire kitchens!) leading to delays and cost overruns.

Removal and disposal

These days, this has become much more costly and demanding, as laws are now in place to ensure waste is properly disposed of. Important to know that your old kitchen or bathroom is disposed of legally and conscientiously. We can also provide specialist removal of materials such as asbestos. You also want to be assured that the remover will not cause unnecessary damage or damage anything else in your home, so a reputable removal specialist is a must.

Fix walls/floors

To make good after demolition and removal. Critical to be done well in order to have a well-finished result. Particularly important if you are having a glass splashback, as this material requires a smooth, even and plumb wall behind it. No matter whether gyprock or render – we can do it all. This step may also require the removal of materials such as asbestos, or repairing damage such as from termites or moisture.

Installation of joinery

The installer (carpenter), will install the joinery and if selected, laminate benchtops. Once more, a technically competent and experienced joinery carpenter will know how to efficiently install cabinetry, such that is it all square and level, in spaces that can sometimes be less than perfect, and achieve this in a timely fashion.


Disconnect and reconnect, relocation, addition/removal of outlets and re-wiring if needed. Usually requires a minimum of three visits, so as to allow for the final connection of power-points once the splashback is installed, and any other final appliances/features are installed/finalised.


Drainage, water and gas disconnect and reconnect, relocation, addition/removal of outlets and update of existing wiring, fuse boxes and circuits if needed. Two visits are generally sufficient, though some jobs may require more.


Obviously a must for a bathroom installation, but may be also required for your kitchen, laundry or outdoor alfresco area too. Whether flooring, whole walls, or splashbacks, we have professional tilers who also provide a Waterproofing Certificate for all waterproofed areas.

In addition, you may also require the following, depending on the elements used in your renovation:

Ducting or exhaust specialist

If your rangehood is to be ducted, then you will need to allow for a professional ducting specialist for this (in some cases, such as with Qasar rangehoods, a certified ducting specialist is required, otherwise the warranty is automatically voided). Incorrect ducting may void your warranty and can also create a fire hazard. Exhaust fans come in varying configurations which may also include lights and heating lamps

Bulkheading specialist

This is a lovely element to add to your design. Bulkheading above cabinets, with or without cornices, creates a professionally built-in look for the joinery beneath it. Also used to hide some services, including ducting, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning ducts.


You may wish to refresh the whole room, so a new coat of paint whether in the same tones or for a totally new look, to add that special professional finish to the whole look once the new joinery is installed. Tired looking walls can dampen the effect or your newly installed kitchen or bathroom, so it is important to consider this early in your planning.

Structural specialists

For any structural elements you can expect a combination of carpenters, gyprockers, renderers and tilers to be required, depending on your needs and type of home.

Flooring specialist

If changing your flooring, we can do all the preparation, including removal of the old flooring, or you can arrange for your new flooring supplier to do this. Generally, for flooring other than tiles, we recommend it be installed by your flooring supplier. For tiles, Nouvelle can of course provide a tiler. Whichever you choose, using Nouvelle will mean that you receive unbiassed advice for the process and we ensure we factor it in to our scheduling, which means less stress for you.

Cleaning expert

Considering a home renovation and getting worried that you will have to deal with a lot of mess? Or you wonder how to minimize the cleaning during the renovation. You will need a cleaning expert, to lay floor protection and guide you with respect to what steps you may need to take to minimise the spread of dust and debris during your renovation. They are usually from a professional cleaning company that can come to your home once everything done. All you need to do is call them for a time that suits you and they will come and leave your renovated area spotless.

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