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With a hint of days gone by and a touch of yesteryear

a country style kitchen will be the hub of your home and the centre of family life. Choose from classic inclusions to full traditional features for a designer kitchen that is sure to impress.


This country style kitchen is a great example of a fully-functional designer space. Dual sinks – one on the main benchtop and one on the island- ensure that multiple users won’t cross paths. The main sink is in the butlers style so often seen in traditional kitchens while the secondary sink is a round shape which suits the curve of the benchtop on the island. Note how well the modern appliances fit into this style of kitchen – when a space is well-designed, they become almost invisible.


A well-designed country kitchen will include items that invite visitors to enter and spend time in the room such as this example. The off-white cabinetry is enhanced with natural timber features including the study nook area and the dining table. Included at the island bench is space for a casual meals area which can also double as preparation space if needed.


The design of your traditional kitchen will be enhanced by the inclusion of spaces to display personal items that add an extra level of detail and personalise the space. This example shows how well a traditional mantel is matched with specially-designed open space on the island. The open spaces offer visual balance which complements the warm feeling of the country design.


Today’s traditional or country style kitchens must meet multiple needs and this design shows how well a country style kitchen can incorporate additional spaces such as a laundry. With the laundry items hidden behind matching cabinet fronts, i’s invisible when not in use. Again, note the use of the open plate racks which act as both a functional element – keeping often-used items close to hand – as well as a display element.

Country kitchens embody the essence of home life and tend to be the central gathering spaces for family and friends so it’s important the design of your kitchen support the way you interact. The specialty designer team at Nouvelle can create a country style kitchen with all the aesthetics of traditional country life without skimping on functionality. Appliances and internal fittings can be cleverly hidden within or behind the country style décor to provide the modern convenience you need.