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Mike Turner

Managing Director
Mike has 40 years of experience in the renovation industry. During this time, he has been involved in the foundation and development of several kitchen and bathroom brands. Nouvelle is one of them, having purchased this brand more than 20 years ago.
Mike is a visionary person that is attracted both to design but mostly to customer satisfaction and optimizations through good systems and procedures. With 16 years of experience gained in the corporate world before entering the renovation industry, he makes the most of his analytical skills and solution-oriented mindset to find applicable methods able to make Nouvelle a modern company where technology and procedures are used to deliver better results in a shorter time.
Everything Mike does has at the center-point a great customer experience.
He has Vision, he works with Passion, and through his actions and his team of experts, he delivers Excellence.
Mike believes in:
“Focus on the customer to give an experience that excels”
That is why he has built Nouvelle not as a home renovation company, but as a Project Management renovation company where clients can find everything they require to enjoy an amazing home renovation experience, on time and on budget, without the headaches.
Being fully responsible, friendly and with great ethics, Mikes transfers his values and life attitude in the way Nouvelle acts and operates. Building a team of experts in line with his great ethics was one of his top priories, results can be seen in the way customers interact with the Nouvelle team, but mostly in their satisfaction.

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