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Rob Pritchard BA(Hons) CBD

Kitchen and Bathroom Designer
Originally from the UK, Rob studied Product Design at University gaining a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Product Design-Sustainable Futures.
He moved into the Kitchen Industry in early 2012 and began building his expertise and a long-time passion for everything related to designing interior spaces.
His love for an Aussie girl made him move halfway across the world to Sydney in 2014, and subsequently joining the Nouvelle team. Working with Nouvelle has furthered his passion for delivering quality renovations as a Kitchen and Bathroom qualified Designer. In return, the results of his work are seen in our client’s happiness and satisfaction, daily.
He enjoys experimenting with colours and has a multi-style approach, not being attracted by a single style direction.
With an organized mindset, Rob’s approach includes identifying specific design topics and setting client meetings to discuss all aspects in a structured manner. Colour, design, functionality, all are equally important and need proper attention. Rob is an expert user of visual tools and 3D rendering programs when presenting his approach to help customers better-understand how their kitchen design will look like in reality.
After the design phase, Rob closely supervises the project management phase, with the same structured approach so typical to his personality that is oriented towards delivering a result in line with customer’s expectations.
Rob’s motto says it all about his dedication and professional attitude:
“Understanding the client’s needs before anything else is imperative to a successful job.”
Rob is one of the lucky people that blends work with passions so he’s always up to date with the latest trends and styles in the home renovation industry, through personal research and company events, tradeshows, or training.
Still retaining his sophisticated British accent, Rob brings in an attitude and vision that contributes to build the Nouvelle universe, so much appreciated in the renovation market place.

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