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Australia’s leading supplier of modern laminates

Laminex is Australia’s leading supplier of modern laminates, quality engineered stone, timber panelling, and more. Laminex helps create spaces that work.

Contemporary products

If you’re thinking about benchtops, cabinetry, and panels, the innovative and stylish design Laminex of bringing to the market will leave you speechless. Not only that Laminex has a wide variety of colours, textures, and finishes but all the products embrace a smart solution approach meant to make your home life easy and joyful at the same time.

Design choice made simple

Deciding upon a certain style or design has always been one of the most challenging parts when it comes to home design. That’s why Laminex has introduced the design palettes. Created by design exerts after analyzing key styles and design trends, defining them into specific categories and making these available to the public, so that anyone can make a choice faster, in line with their tastes and preferences. Aligning your tastes with a specific style does not only solve the eternal style dilemma but make it easier to narrow choices down to budget options as well.

Proud Australian

For over 85 years, Laminex has been a proud Australian manufacturer, starting from scratch and growing slowly but strongly to a powerful and reliable name known all over Australia. The network of manufacturing plants covers seven locations across four states and produces high-pressure laminates, compact laminates, wet-area panelling, decorated MDF, raw particleboard, and MDF used in producing beautiful products that will then delight homeowners.

Innovation and sustainability centric

One of the key focus for Laminex is investing in new technologies to produce locally made products, supporting in this was the Australian economy and development. Sustainability practices have an important role in the manufacturing capabilities with the use of water-based resins and water-based cleaning systems, sourcing of FSC certified papers, and inputs for FSC certified forestry. Adopting new innovations in sustainable and environmental practices are part of the ongoing efforts to achieve optimized results.

Reliable partnerships

Laminex has partnered with an exclusive and well-selected brand in the industry to deliver the most creative architecture practices, modern laminates, engineered stones, wood panelling, or acrylic surfaces. Everything related to surfaces is covered at great quality and design.