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Working with a confined or restricted space

When working with a confined or restricted space, it takes specialist design skills to ensure the bathroom design is not only functional and safe but visually appealing, too. A small bathroom can contain all the elements of a large bathroom and you’ll be surprised at the amount of storage it’s possible to include. If you are looking for small bathroom ideas and solutions, look no further.


Clever use of space is essential in a small bathroom and this example features a great solution for maximising storage. Reaching up from the benchtop, a series of shelves provides the perfect, easily-accessible space to store towels, toiletries, beauty products or any other often-used items. Note the use of light tones, enhanced with one bright splash of colour, which will always make a small bathroom appear larger.


A corner-shower such as above is a great idea for a small bathroom design as it allows for a larger footprint which means more space in which to move while showering. A simple rail/handshower ensures minimal use of space while the pared-back colour scheme featuring neutral and white keeps the bathroom looking open and bright. A single “pop” of colour brings the bathroom to life without overwhelming the senses.


Yes, a small bathroom design can even include a bath! As seen here above, careful layout and design has enabled the inclusion of an integrated bath. Further space saving ideas shown here include the use of a semi-recessed basin which allows for cupboards to sit neatly underneath. A feature strip of blue mosaic tiles stretches along the floor, across the bath, and up the wall providing consistency in way the space visually flows upon entry.


Even if you only have a small bathroom consider including a double vanity as seen above. During busy times, the extra space will allow for more efficient use of the bathroom and enable multiple users at any one time. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have room- your specialist bathroom designer is well-qualified to recommend the best storage solution to suit your needs.