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Electrical Elements

Electrical design service for your next renovation. We specialise in integrating advanced lighting solutions, smart technology, and safety-compliant installations, all customised to align with your unique requirements and Australian standards.

Electrical Design for Your Home Renovation

When planning a home renovation, thinking about the electrical design is key. It’s not just about lights and sockets; it’s about doing your homework to make the result better for you. At Nouvelle, we’re experts in fitting electrical elements and features that match your renovation needs. We make sure everything from your lighting to your power points is safe, looks good, and meets your daily needs. With us, you get a home that‘s not only beautiful but also smart and safe. 

Electrical Planning Process

Understanding Your Unique Needs


Every home renovation presents its own set of challenges. At Nouvelle, we start by understanding your specific needs. Whether it’s limited space in a kitchen or the need for more efficient lighting in a bathroom, we listen to your concerns. 

Personalised Electrical Solutions


Our response to home renovation challenges is a personalised electrical design plan. We don’t just add outlets and lights; we design an electrical system that fits your lifestyle. Need more power in the kitchen for high-end appliances? We’ve got it covered. Looking for mood lighting in the bathroom? We’ll plan it perfectly.

Safety and Compliance


Safety is a non-negotiable aspect of our planning process. We ensure that all electrical installations comply with Australian standards, providing you with a safe and secure environment. Our expert electricians are skilled in integrating modern electrical systems while adhering to the highest safety protocols.

Collaborative Approach


We believe the best results come from working together. Throughout the planning process, we keep you in the loop. Your feedback shapes our work, ensuring the outcome is exactly what you envisioned – a perfect blend of style, efficiency, and safety. 

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Ready to Elevate Your Home's Electrical Design?

At Nouvelle, we understand that electrical work is more than just wiring and fixtures; it’s about creating a harmonious balance between design and functionality. Our team ensures that every electrical aspect of your renovation is thoughtfully integrated, adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Electrical Design for Kitchen Renovations

In many homes, the kitchen’s electrical setup is often outdated, lacking the functionality and modern conveniences today’s lifestyle demands. Our electrical design breathes new life into your space. We specialise in advanced wiring solutions tailored for new and sophisticated appliances, ensuring your kitchen is not only a place for cooking but a hub of efficiency and ease. Our designs include the integration of USB data wiring and smart home automation systems, transforming your kitchen into a central hub of technology and comfort. With Nouvelle, the benefit is clear: a kitchen that’s not just about culinary tasks, but a space where convenience and modern living combine. 

Electrical Design for Bathroom Renovations

Traditional bathrooms often fall short in providing the modern comforts and efficiency that enhance our daily routines. Nouvelle’s approach to bathroom renovations focuses on elevating this intimate space with strategic and thoughtful electrical design. Our expertise extends to installing elegant lighting solutions, increasing the number of power points for added convenience, and incorporating luxurious features like heated towel rails and underfloor heating. These elements are not just about functionality; they can transform your bathroom into a personal retreat, offering the warmth and comfort of a spa-like experience. With Nouvelle, your bathroom evolves into a space that combines modern luxury with relaxing comfort, enhancing your daily experience.

What Sets Us Apart

Transparent Pricing

No surprises with Nouvelle. Get upfront, honest pricing for your renovation, no estimates, ensuring clarity and confidence in your budget planning.

Dedicated Site Supervisors

Avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple trades. Our site supervisors streamline communication, making your renovation process smooth and efficient. 

In-House Quality Designers

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all designs. Our talented designers work with you to create spaces that are uniquely yours, ensuring personalisation and quality in every detail.

Custom Craftsmanship

Every Nouvelle kitchen, bathroom, and joinery piece is custom-made, ensuring your renovation is as unique as your vision.

Licensed and Insured Services

With Nouvelle, rest easy knowing your renovation is in safe hands. Our licensed and insured services mean your project is protected and professional. 

10-Year Warranty and Support

Nouvelle's commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion. Enjoy a 10-year warranty and ongoing support for all your renovation needs.

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