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Why DIY Electricals During Your Renovation Can Be a Disaster

Do you know that 40% of house fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults and appliances, a stark reminder of the risks involved in DIY electrical work.

As you gear up for your DIY home renovation, it’s tempting to tackle those electrical jobs that seem so simple yourself. Before you start, do you know that 40% of house fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults and appliances? This alarming statistic is a stark reminder of the risks involved in DIY electrical work. 

Let’s have a look into why it’s crucial to think twice before diving into electrical tasks during your renovation.

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The Hidden Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

Many DIY enthusiasts underestimate the complexity of electrical work. Simple mistakes, like improperly securing wires or using incorrect sizes, can have devastating consequences, including house fires. These errors not only put your family at risk but also breach safety regulations and will cost you money instead of saving it in the long term.

What Can You Safely Do Yourself?

If you’re keen to get your hands dirty, there are some low-risk electrical tasks you can undertake. You may want to consider doing these yourself:

  • Install lights in your garden.
  • Set up battery-operated smoke detectors.
  • Change light bulbs, including LEDs.
  • Rewire old-style fuses. Just remember to adhere to legal and safety guidelines!

Electrical No-Go Zones for DIY

While some tasks seem straightforward, they can be hazardous and, illegal if not completed by a licensed electrician. Avoid these jobs at all costs:

  • Changing light switches or power points.
  • Repairing non-functional electrical appliances.
  • Installing new lights or ceiling fans. Always call in a professional for these tasks.

Why an Electrician is Essential

Licenced electricians are up-to-date with the latest wiring standards and will  prioritise your safety. They have the training needed and also the required insurance if anything happens to go wrong.

Remember, while DIY can be rewarding and save cash upfront, electrical work is one area where professional help is not just helpful – it’s essential for your safety and compliance with the law.

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