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Knowing the most important phases of the Execution stage will help you get a better understanding of what to expect.

Learn how the whole project is managed and scheduled

See why customer service level and approach, every aspect of your interaction with the renovation team is important, to ensure you can experience your kitchen or bathroom renovation project with a smile, rather than with stress and anxiety.


Employing a specialist kitchen or bathroom designer and full-service renovation company is an essential first step in your renovation journey. Outsourcing the project management of your renovation to professionals who will handle everything from the initial design to the full installation is the easiest, the most stress-free option available.
Always choose to work with a trusted home renovation company!

Project Scheduling

There are multiples stages to deliver a good result on time and on budget with a lot of teams (project managers, designers, tradespeople, suppliers, etc.) involved in a kitchen or bathroom renovation, and for this reason, it is a complex process. Everything needs to happen in a strict order and scheduling the various trades and their busy timetables are considerably difficult if you have to do this yourself.


Clear and consistent communication has been proven time and again to be the difference between a stress-free and a stress-filled renovation. Trust and ethics are key elements that guide our day to day activity and communication. Seamless communication is part of the elements that made Novelle have such a good reputation in the market.

Budget and Finances

How much the home renovation will cost is the key question all homeowners ask themselves before starting a project, but what many omit is that the budget will be impacted not only by initial decisions but mostly by the elements that step in at the execution phase. To avoid negative surprises, it is always best to work with professionals.


A major bathroom or kitchen renovation will typically require not just one or two, but several trades: electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, removalists, etc., as well as a builder for any structural works. Licensed plumbers and electricians must be used as it is illegal to do this work yourself, not to mention unsafe. It could also result in voiding any insurance/warranty claims.
One major challenge is the availability of trades. Across the industry there’s currently a shortage of tradespeople, so finding someone with availability to take on your renovation could be tricky, which may compromise your desired completion date.


The number of suppliers required when renovating a kitchen or a bathroom is quite extensive. Just think about what is involved in and you’ll realise that you will need a long list and chances are you can miss something. From toilets and bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, tapware and tiles, to appliances, benchtops, vanities, splashbacks, flooring, cabinetry, sinks, paint, and everything in between the list goes on and on. If you have not worked in the bathroom/kitchen renovation the process of acquiring all necessary components can become a nightmare.


Home renovation is getting close to the end and you’re dealing with a lot of mess? Or you wonder how to minimize the cleaning during the renovation?

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