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Home Renovation Materials Ideas

To attain your ideal functionality and longevity, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, the choice of renovation materials is something that is very important to consider and research. There is a wide variety to choose from, and your selection will depend not only on personal preference but what is most suitable for your needs, style and budget, as well as longevity and maintenance expectations.

The process of choosing renovation materials

For example, the process of choosing between marble, natural stone, or engineered stone as a kitchen benchtop material or choosing the best taps and hardware for your bathroom, will be driven by factors such as how much maintenance you are comfortable with, usual usage, who the users are, as well as your desired look and your budget, and how often you expect to have to replace an item. 

The functionality and longevity of your kitchen and bathroom are important, as these are likely to be the most used rooms in your home and reflect a substantial investment. With this in mind, the materials you select for your renovation should be resilient, and also able to deliver looks that minimise how quickly they date.

There are many different material options to consider, particularly in terms of best use and aesthetics within your home. Take for example kitchen benchtops. You may be familiar with engineered stone, natural stone, acrylics and laminates, but may not be aware of each material’s pros and cons.

Natural stones such as Marble, although a classic and beautiful option, are known to be porous and prone to scratches and stains and may add substantially to your budget. Engineered stone comes in a variety of colours and is extremely durable, (though as with other materials it can be damaged by heavy objects being dropped on it or when hot items are placed on it directly).
When making your decision on materials, research and compare different options to make sure you are choosing the best for your needs. Ask our experts for advice – they can guide you on the best options available for you, and take in to account factors such as what can increase the value of your home (should you choose to sell in the future), or whether it is a rental property or your ‘forever’ home.
Another great option is to consider incorporating sustainability. Sustainably certified homes may be seen to be worth more in the property market, as well as offering lower maintenance costs.
Incorporating energy efficiency, minimal waste, and considering the environment will be a great way to invest and ensure your home can offer the most for your needs.

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