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Being a strong name in the field

with over 100 years of experience, Reece operates Australia’s largest plumbing and bathroom supplies business, as well as 8 others in allied industries. Our plumbing and bathroom products are sourced both locally and internationally which you can find in over 600 locations across Australia.


If you need plumbing services, rest assured, you’re in good hands as Reece is Australia’s leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products, with over 370 branches across Australia and New Zeeland. When it comes to plumbing, Reece has anything one can need from pipe & fittings to roofing, toilets, tools, valves, hot water systems, tapware, and accessories.

Bathrooms & Kitchens variety

One of Reece’s strong points is combining the best products, expertise, and tools to help you create your kitchen or bathroom up to the highest standards of both functionality and quality. Discover stylish baths, the perfect vanities for your family, taps, and showers that you’ll instantly adore. The variety of styles and products in the bathroom and kitchen industry makes one feel like discovering a wonderland. With so many options it can be hard to choose without expert guidance.

Ideas & Inspiration

Products can’t tell a story without the proper vision and inspiration. Placing products in a context is crucial in crafting your vision. To achieve this and help you explore a multitude of visual possibilities, Reese offers the right combination of planning tools and visual inspiration guides for you to start exploring different style alternatives, create mood boards and find ideas you’ll love.

Expert Advice and Customer service

The results of an experience of over 100 years stand-in number of successful projects, but most important is the reputation. Reece has earned over that time for “having what you need when you need it, where you need it.”
Products, technologies, and territories have changed over the years, but leadership, team spirit, and unwavering customer service remain constant. That’s why Reece is offering more than high-quality products but expert advice and strong customer service which makes the result to be so valuable and high standard.

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