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Home Renovation Design Elements

A home renovation is about making many choices everywhere along the process. What makes for a successful renovation is that all design elements work to the best effect and in harmony with each other. This might sound complicated, but with the right professionals behind you, this should not be the case.

At Nouvelle we accept the challenges

of each project, and pride ourselves with our ability to simplify what seems to be complicated, by finding feasible solutions, and combining  design elements to optimise results.

Some of the design elements to consider when renovating your home:


The cabinetry chosen for your joinery depends mainly on: budget, style choice, frequency of use, specific needs of users, and desired maintenance levels. The cabinetry selected will contribute to a room’s overall look, feel, and, importantly, its functionality. 


Selecting the perfect benchtop can be difficult and time-consuming without professional advice. The large selection of benchtop materials available these days can make it challenging to pick the right one for your lifestyle, space, specific needs and budget. Your ideal benchtop should not only reflect your preferred style, but also be durable, and match a maintenance level you are happy to live with.


There are many types of splashback materials available these days. A popular alternative to tiles, are glass splashbacks. All create a strong focal point in the kitchen design as a splashback is able to be seen from almost any angle. There are now some unique materials and textures available, such as pressed metal and other innovative products.
The splashback has a dual purpose – it can be both practical by protecting the wall from splatters, while also being decorative, setting the tone for your kitchen.


The type of appliances, fitting and other items that you choose, depend on your specific needs in the space in question, your budget, and your selected style. White appliances and all manner of fittings have recently seen a surge in popularity, especially in white glass, whilst stainless steel and black work well in not only the more modern spaces, but also in the more traditional styles.

Fittings & Others

Bathroom fittings and other items that you select, depend on your specific needs in the space in question, your budget, and your selected style.


If there’s one area of a kitchen or bathroom renovation where one simply can’t scrimp on or cut corners, it’s the electrical work. Consulting professionals for advice is vital and will ensure a functional and, most importantly, safe kitchen or bathroom.


Like all renovations, when it comes to plumbing, planning, and preparation is key.
Plumbers are needed for moving or adding plumbing and can also do the bath, shower, and toilet installations. Installing your plumbing, just like doing your electrical work, is illegal. At Nouvelle we take care of that aspect as well!


Tiles are found in many homes because they are versatile in terms of materials, are economical, and incredibly durable. Also, using the right kind of tiles in any given area of the home can lend that area a unique appearance. From classic styles to modern tiles, we make sure to combine the looks with high-quality tiles.


A structural renovation involves architectural changes such as removing/adding walls, changing doors and windows, adding/removing balconies or pergolas, and adding an extension or additional levels, to changing the whole floor plan of the house. This is not to be lightly embarked on, as invariably it will add a not insubstantial cost to the project.

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