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Home Lighting Renovation Ideas

It is important to first identify the type of tasks that you will most likely do in your kitchen or any room to allow you and your designer to adequately plan the lighting renovation at the design stage, not afterwards. We generally recommend that you incorporate a layered lighting scheme – a mix of pendant lighting, flush mounts, strip lighting, track lights, and downlights (not necessarily all), in a style that will enhance and punctuate your chosen style.

Types of lighting

There are four types of lighting – task, ambient, accent, and decorative. Of course, natural light and skylights also need to be considered.

Task lighting

Showing one or more statement pendant or sconce lights, say over an island or vanity, and downlights over work areas. This will allow work areas to be well lit and safe when chopping, mixing, reading recipes, or cleaning up. Strip lighting and down lights in a pantry, can assist in easily finding ingredients, and can also be a useful addition under overhead cabinets, especially if you have high ceilings. Concealed strip lighting under overhead cabinets above the bench allows even light to flood the bench area.

Ambient lighting

Sets the overall mood of the room and supplies the overall light source. Ambient lighting in kitchens over an island or eating nook will also make the island bench an attractive space for guests to gather. A kitchen is a task-driven space, so casting as much ambient light evenly from the ceiling is crucial. LED downlights are the perfect choice. Long lasting and energy conscious, available in either warm or cool white. Choosing the warm white option will assist in creating a more attractive and welcoming residential space.

Accent lights

Includes track lights, up-lights, and sconces to highlight particular features. Small LED downlights in glass cabinets can make a beautiful showcase for crockery, and other decorative items. Perfect for decorative storage units in lounge or TV areas. Consult your kitchen designer for the best options for you.

Decorative lighting

This is where a particular style can be accentuated and defined. Could be a spectacular vintage chandelier to add authentic character to a classic-style kitchen. Other options include hidden lighting in recessed ceilings, wall niches, etc.

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