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If you only have a small space available

it can be tricky to find a kitchen design that offers the functionality you desire and the aesthetics you require. But in the hands of a talented designer, your small kitchen renovation in Sydney will be transformed into a practical haven.


Small kitchens benefit from well-considered design as in the example above. Stacked appliances save on space as well as group similar-use items together for added functionality. White cabinetry makes a small kitchen appear larger and, when paired with a darker benchtop, makes for a visually dramatic space.


A restricted space doesn’t mean you won’t have room to personalise your small kitchen design. Above is a great example of expert design with a large fish tank incorporated into a galley kitchen. The owner had requested a solution that included a built-in fish tank and was amazed when the designer was able to find the space for such a large unit.


Careful use of open space will give your small kitchen a sense of light and air. In this example a small sit-down area was included at the edge of the kitchen so visitors can interact with the cook without encroaching on their space. Open shelving above and great choice of neutral tones, helps make the small kitchen feel much larger than it actually is.


Small kitchen designs benefit from smart use of colour and tone to create the impression of a large space. Strong colours draw the eye to the rear of this kitchen above (right), which encourages visitors to enter and interact with the space. Note how the choice of open rangehood makes the wall appear taller and wider than it would if cupboards were placed to either side. This is an indication of well-considered design.
Small kitchen designs need specialist attention to ensure every spare centimetre is used for maximum effectiveness but, when designed correctly and cleverly laid out, your small kitchen can provide all the functionality you need. There are plenty of small kitchen ideas here to help get you started.

In a small kitchen renovation design it’s important to carefully consider how corners can be best utilised so they don’t become “dead” space. Clever internal fittings can make sure all the available storage space is maximised while providing plenty of access to your items.