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Which Benchtop Material Suits Your Lifestyle?

The material you choose for your benchtops in your kitchen renovation is just as much about utility and matching your lifestyle as it is about the aesthetic.

The type of material you choose for your benchtops in your kitchen renovation is just as much about utility and matching your lifestyle as it is about the aesthetic. For this reason, working with your designer and fleshing out your and your family’s needs is essential.

After all, renovating your kitchen and not ensuring that you have all of your requirements included is heartbreaking.

Stunning natural stone benchtop and matching splashback

Understanding Your Needs

Narrowing down your choice of benchtops can be based on these three elements. You may have other lifestyle considerations to add to the mix, but these three will get you started.

Renovation Budget

Open and realistic discussions about your budget are a critical part of the design process, and if you have them early on, it makes the process easier to navigate.

Understand your kitchen benchtop needs before renovating

There is a vast gap between the most expensive and the most affordable benchtop materials available, so your budget will always be a prime consideration when choosing benchtops for your kitchen.

Remember that you need to understand the total cost, not just the materials’ price. Some require special sealing, others regular maintenance, and ensuring you have the correct information is essential.

The Style of Your Home

Benchtops are a prominent feature in your kitchen and often the first thing people will see when they visit. This means your benchtops need to be visually appealing, reflect the style of your home and be sturdy enough to withstand your and your family’s needs.

Match your benchtop to the style of your home

How Easy is it to Maintain?

Raw surfaces such as concrete and timber periodically need treatment to ensure they stay heat and scratch-proof.

Stone can be permanently stained by something as simple as juice if it’s not cleaned up immediately, and some substances damage protective coatings. And some laminates are affected by heat, like hot cookware placed on them.

Picking Your Ideal Benchtop

Once you understand what you need in a benchtop, it’s time to look at the most common choices on the market.


Natural stone is a beautiful addition to the right kitchen. Every slab is unique, and granite is elegant and aesthetically attractive.

Generally at the high end in terms of cost, it is durable and doesn’t scratch easily. However, it is porous and needs sealing to ensure that it resists stains.

Include contrasting textures in your kitchen renovation

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone has evolved over the last 20 years and offers some advantages over natural stone. It’s easier to look after, is available in several styles and finishes, and the cost varies depending on your choice.

Solid Surface

This benchtop material has a versatile array of applications and has seamless joins. It offers a very clean look and can be translucent if you want to backlight it. It is easy to clean, UV resistant, and easy to fix in case of damage.


Timber looks gorgeous in modern and traditional kitchens, and its appeal can improve over time. It lends a warm atmosphere to any kitchen and is relatively easy to maintain if they are covered with a clear polyurethane finish to protect the surface.


Like engineered stone, laminate has evolved over time and is a proven solution for many kitchen designs. It’s stain resistant and easy to clean, but care has to be taken with heat, and it needs to be sealed correctly to prevent water damage.

Natural stone kitchen benchtop renovation


Classic, elegant and beautiful, and each piece is unique. It is not as durable as granite and can be prone to chipping, staining, cracking, and scratches. Its price range is susceptible to acidic spills, even higher than granite.

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