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Discover Your Interior Colour Scheme Using These Tips

Selecting the perfect palette can be daunting, but fear not! We created this guide to help you through the process with both practical and creative tips.

Are you embarking on a journey to update  your home’s interior with new colours? Selecting the perfect palette can be daunting, but fear not! We created this guide to help  you through the process with both practical and creative tips. Let’s turn your space into a reflection of your unique style with a colour scheme that shines.

Starting Your Colour Scheme Journey

Before picking your paint colours, take a step back and assess. Begin by looking at the less flexible elements in your room, such as furniture, fabrics, tiles, or wallpaper. These will be your starting points. Match your paint to these elements to create a harmonious space.

Seeking Inspiration

Inspiration for your colour scheme can come from anywhere – an art piece, an area rug, a striking photo, or a patterned fabric. Extract shades from these sources and use them as the basis for your decorating choices. Remember, it’s all about creating a balance that feels right to you.

Understanding Colour

The lightness or darkness of a hue, is crucial. A good mix can prevent your multi-hue palette from appearing chaotic. Try incorporating one dark, one light, and one bright colour in each room. Follow your instincts – whether you prefer bold and bright or soft and subtle, the choice is yours.

Mapping Out Your Home’s Palette

If colour makes you nervous, plan it out. Sketch a layout of your home, noting the colours of carpets, walls, and furniture. Gather swatches or paint chips to represent these. Consider how each room flows into the next and the mood you’re aiming to create. For a cohesive home colour scheme, try using one colour in varying proportions across different rooms.

Lighting’s Impact on Colour 

Light influences colour significantly. Observe how natural and artificial light affect colours in your space throughout the day. Remember, daylight changes from sunrise to sunset, affecting how we perceive colour. A room with northern exposure, for example, might benefit from a warmer palette to balance the limited natural light.

Bringing Colour into Your Space

Adding colour doesn’t mean a lifelong commitment to a particular hue. If you love neutrals, there are plenty of ways to introduce colour subtly:

  • Use textiles like rugs, pillows, throws, and window treatments for splashes of colour.
  • Artwork adds both colour and personality.
  • Accessories and personal collections provide colourful accents.
  • Natural elements like flowers and fruit offer vibrant, temporary bursts of colour.

Colour can unify different furniture styles, refresh outdated pieces, and alter perceptions of space. Light colours can make a small room feel larger, while darker shades can make a large room feel cozier. You can even use colour to visually manipulate the ceiling height.

Colour Schemes in Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans pose a unique challenge. You needn’t use the same colours everywhere, but aim for a cohesive look. Use architectural elements to guide transitions between colours. In large open spaces, use rugs, mouldings, bookcases, screens, or shelving to define different areas with colour. A monochromatic scheme or a three-colour approach can also effectively demarcate spaces in an open layout.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home is a journey of discovery. It’s about understanding the fundamentals of colour and light, drawing inspiration from your surroundings, and most importantly, letting your personal style shine through. Embrace the process and watch as your space transforms into a true reflection of you. 

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