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Splash of Colour in Your Kitchen

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Whilst white is considered the ‘safe’ colour for kitchen walls, cupboards, appliances, etc. you might find yourself yearning for a bit of colour to liven your room up. You can do this – and still maintain the ‘safe’ position, by adding small splashes of colour here and there.

You could add colour with appliances, artwork, tiling, and flooring and you can also add a splash of colour with paint.

Adding colour with paint is not only an economical approach, it is also a ‘fixture’ that can be changed at any time. If you become tired with the colour, you simply re-paint. Adding colour through tiling and flooring is a more permanent option. If you wished to change the colours in the future this could prove to be a major time consuming and somewhat costly exercise.

The trick to ‘colour splashes’ with paint in your kitchen is to keep them as ‘splashes’ – don’t go overboard with a pallet. You want your kitchen to look modern and alive… not like a studio shot from a children’s tv show.

Chat to your kitchen designer to get the right percentage of colour to lift your kitchen decor.