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Working with a designer

When it comes time to tackle the design of your new space ”“ small or large ”“ it”™s sometimes hard to know where to start. Some people have a clear vision for their homes and others will need more assistance to bring a plan into focus. Either way, your designer is a key resource who can help bring your dream space to life.

Not only can your designer assist in making choices to suit all aspects of the project ”“ from budget to style and finishing touches ”“ but they also have the specialist knowledge to take into account technical considerations. A trained professional is able to devise a range of solutions you might never have imagined, but which can transform your space into a design that is polished and planned to perfection.

Interior Designer

When starting out with your designer give them an idea of your budget. Many people are scared to reveal their budget but it”™s essential the designer understand your expectations so they can carefully and cleverly come up with a creative design that meets your needs and isn”™t over the top.

Make a wish list: planning is the key to design. Start from your most important features and work your way down. This will give structure to the job and will provide your designer with the key necessities to take into consideration.

Now for the fun part. Collect your ideas in a scrapbook ”“ online or on paper. This will provide the designer with a reflective visual summary of the style you like and they”™ll use it as a springboard to suggest products, colours and design solutions to bring it all together. All you need to do is find inspirational pics when you are flicking through your favourite magazine, product catalogues or paint charts. The designer may wish to create a mood board from these ideas which will give the project feeling and inspiration

Don”™t cut corners on using a qualified designer. It will save you time and money in the long run and you”™ll have less hassles and stress during the design and construction process. Talk to a Nouvelle expert designer today about your renovation project and let us work our magic on your home.

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