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5 Renovation Planning Tips

Renovating a home looks so easy on television. The results are always cosmetically beautiful and it seems to happen in a blink of an eye. The reality in real life is there are always a few speed bumps to consider. Being realistic and planning your renovation is the key to keeping your sanity. Below are 5 steps to consider to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and your expectations are met:

1. Communication

Make sure you give your builders clear direction on your expectations regarding budget and time frames, make arrangements to ensure easy access to the property and keep the contact details of your project co-ordinator handy. If you have questions or queries, raise them with your builder then follow up in writing.

2. Manage doubts

If construction has left your house in a dusty mess and you’re forever climbing over boxes of tiles and paint cans, it’s easy to feel renovating has taken over your life. You may look around in despair and wonder why you ever thought you wanted to do this. Don’t fret! It will be temporary and the end result will be well worth these little hurdles. Look for ways to take some time out – maybe a weekend away from the chaos will bring a much-needed and calmer approach.

3. Engage a trusted builder to project manage the job

Negotiating with contractors can be the hardest part of renovating, particularly if you have never before renovated. Let a professional take on the project management of your renovation. This will make the whole process a lot easier as you only have to deal with one person and that person will have a clear brief on your expectations and help you stick to your planned budgets.

4. Living in a construction site

If you are able to move out during the renovation process then do. The process is dusty, messy, chaotic and tiring (particularly with tradespeople arriving early in the morning). If you plan on staying in the dwelling then try and enjoy the adventure. It’s part of the fun and it’s only a short period of disruption for a fabulous outcome.

5. Engage a professional interior designer

You may have a good idea of the colour and style you’d like for your home but entrusting in professional advice is well worth the time and money you’d spend doing it on your own. A professional will take your ideas and work their magic so you don’t have to engage on an epic quest to find the perfect tile or wall colour.

At Nouvelle, we hold a full builders licence and we personally project manage every renovation we undertake. Our intelligent client communication and project tracking software means you’re informed at every step of the project. Talk to us today about how easy renovation can be.

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