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Choosing Bathroom Colours

When choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom, think about palettes to complement the bathroom features, and those which suit the theme of comfort and cleanliness.

Neutrals always make a great base. Try stark white to create a clean palette or add some warmer beige tones to create a modern, homely feel. Don’t be afraid to mix it up though. Neutrals can be combined in different ways. Try white plus cocoa brown or a light green to create a cool, clean, and classic feel. Green is also an energizing and uplifting colour.

When creating a bold look, a great guiding principle is to pick one neutral, and one darker, rich colour. To do it successfully, think about proportion and rely on a 70/30 distribution: use the lightest colour for 70 percent of the room, and the boldest for 30 percent.

A mostly neutral colour scheme can go a long way toward establishing a bathroom atmosphere of serenity and calmness. Two neutrals, such as grey and white, make a striking colour scheme that doesn’t date, without being boring. For added visual interest, include pattern, such as patterned tiles on a floor, or classic marble on countertops.

Go organic with naturally-inspired hues, such as soft green and duck-egg blue, to give you that stunning classic edge and help to enhance an organic vibe. These types of colours are a fabulous way to help soften otherwise hard edges and geometric shapes creating a classic, classy look.

In all instances, think about the bathroom as an integral part of the house ”“ whatever style and colour scheme you choose, it needs to fit within the broader design tones of your home. Still confused? Don”™t be: your specialist bathroom designer is an expert in creating a colour scheme that works. Talk about your favourite colours and styles with your designer and let them work out the best way to incorporate these into your new bathroom.

Nouvelle’s expert design team is waiting to help you with your new bathroom. Why not call us today and find out how easy it can be to achieve your dream space?

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