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Colour in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a fantastic place in the home to consider using colour ”“ whether as a feature colour to create accent and mood, or as a base colour to allow other elements to shine. Colour can be used to create a trick of the eye to make the kitchen feel larger, or smaller. It can also be used to highlight certain areas, or conceal something you don”™t really want to be noticed.

Most kitchens are designed around a base colour that is used for the most bulky items in the room – the cabinets. The benchtop is then chosen in a hue that either accentuates or tones in with the cabinetry. A splashback is a very popular place to incorporate a splash of colour because its limited size means a bright shade won’t dominate the space.

Your choice of colours for the kitchen needs to be centred around your personal style, the design of the kitchen and the ambience within the home. If you are going for a more modern, contemporary design careful choice should be given to where, and how, to incorporate shots of colour. With a more traditional or classic kitchen, think about how colour can support the style of the kitchen to make it look suited to the house.

It’s really easy to over-do or under-do colour and here’s where a qualified kitchen designer can help you find a balance between all your favourite tones and the ones that will best work in your home. It’s best to choose an overall colour scheme – maybe you love neutrals or is monochrome more your style? Then work with your designer to incorporate accent colour that balances within the design of the kitchen.

Lighting design is a really important part of the layout and functionality of the kitchen but it’s also an integral part of colour design. The lights chosen for the room – general, mood and accent lighting – can enhance the colour scheme and bring a visual focus to certain areas.

At Nouvelle, we are renowned for our qualified designers and their ability to apply their expertise to provide you with a custom-designed, gorgeous kitchen you and your family will love. Talk to us today and find out how we can use colour to bring your new kitchen to life.

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