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Outdoor Kitchens – FAQs

Nouvelle”™s expert design team has the answers to your frequently asked questions about outdoor kitchens.

What”™s the difference between an outdoor kitchen and a normal kitchen?

The main difference is the location, obviously, but also the requirements of the space. An indoor kitchen is the main cooking space for the family ”“ it needs to cope with multiple family members using it at different times of the day as well as when entertaining. An outdoor kitchen isn”™t used so much for day-to-day cooking and living ”“ it tends to serve the entertaining needs of the family. So, outdoor kitchens are generally smaller, as they don”™t need to include a full fridge, for example, but the design and layout are just as crucial to the success of the space. For the most part, an outdoor kitchen needs specialist materials, fittings, and fixtures that are rated for all weather conditions. How much cover is provided for the kitchen and the specifics of the weather conditions in your home will need to be taken into consideration so the best person to provide advice is your specialist kitchen designer.

Out door kitchen trend

What are the big trends in outdoor kitchens right now?

Australians are lucky because we enjoy one of the most temperate climates in the world. This makes our homes particularly suited to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle an outdoor kitchen can provide. The outdoor “kitchen” used to be a barbecue on a deck or patio with a few plastic chairs and maybe an upturned crate on which to place drinks. Today, the outdoor kitchen is a space in its own right with its own work triangle and considered design. The biggest trend is in the relationship between the outdoor kitchen and the entertaining zone inside. We are seeing an increase in the connection between the two spaces with the indoor kitchen often extending to outside with the continuation of benchtops through to outside as well as large bi-fold doors or windows to remove any borders between the two spaces and create an open-plan, indoor/outdoor entertainment zone. Many appliance manufacturers have developed ranges specifically rated for outdoor use so homeowners now have a lot of choice when it comes to inclusions for their outdoor kitchen. As technology improves, design in this area will expand what”™s available, giving homeowners more options.

Do I really need an outdoor kitchen?

Yes! Every Australian home should enjoy the benefits of living, eating, entertaining and enjoying our great outdoors. Don”™t be put off thinking an outdoor kitchen is complicated ”“ while there are some areas in need of specialist attention, if you work with a qualified kitchen designer and a company with a full builder”™s licence, you”™ll be enjoying your new outdoor kitchen in no time.

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