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Planning your renovation for Christmas

The phenomenon of “Christmas in July” is very popular in many homes with families enjoying a traditional roast dinner during the colder months. But, did you know there are only 21 Saturdays left until Christmas?

Kitchen renovation for Christmas

There”™s nothing better than hosting family and friends during the festive season, and it”™s so much nicer to have a stunning new kitchen, bathroom or home extension in which to entertain. It”™s natural to want your renovation completed by Christmas and, with some careful planning and a bit of forethought, it can definitely happen.

Remember that, with any renovation, there is a lot to consider and planning for a completed space before Christmas is not only about making sure you allow enough time to order the products you have your heart set on. The lead up to Christmas will often start in September and plenty of tradespeople start filling their books early so you want to make sure you don”™t miss out on a slot.

A little planning now can ensure your dream space is completed on time.

Co-ordinating trades and sub-contractors can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you aren”™t a seasoned renovator, so look for a company with a full builder”™s license which can make arrangements for every step of your renovation ”“ from concept, to design, construction and completion. This also means you only have one point of contact for queries which can make your life so much easier when you are busy making other plans for the Silly Season.

Talk to our team of qualified designers and builders today and start making plans to enjoy Christmas in your newly renovated home. Nouvelle is well-known for individual and award-winning designs so we”™ll ensure you receive a design that enhances the look of your home, is brilliant in its ability to balance creativity and functionality, and is built by experienced tradespeople using the best possible materials.

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