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Bathroom Design – FAQs

Nouvelle’s expert design team has the answers to your frequently asked questions about bathroom design

How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

It’s very hard to generalise on the cost of bathroom design as there are many factors – and many trades – involved. The scope of work tends to vary the price greatly – for example, a makeover (without any major plumbing moves) could be a budget option but a full renovation (including floor removal and re-waterproofing) will obviously cost more. When deciding on a budget for your bathroom renovation it’s best to make a list of what you need and what you want. If you really want a major feature – such as a freestanding bath or a marble vanity top – think about areas that aren’t so important to you and choose more budget-conscious options there.

Why do I need a specialist bathroom designer and builder? Can’t I just use my plumber?

Plumbers, and lots of other tradespeople, are fabulous at what they do and if you have a tricky plumbing requirement we strongly recommend the advice of a licenced and experienced plumber. But remember that a plumber’s (or electrician’s) licence is not the same as a full builder’s licence and there are restrictions on the type of work that can be carried out under each licence. A specialist bathroom designer has received particular training and ongoing education in the area of bathroom design so if you need a clever solution, have a tricky space, or more items on your wish list than you can fit in your room, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified designer.

What are the big trends in bathroom design right now and how can I incorporate them in my new bathroom?

Bathrooms are spaces in which you get ready for your day, then relax and unwind at the end so they need to be multi-functional rooms. Product designers are really focussing on the bathroom right now so we’re seeing lots of exciting tapware from freestanding taps to fabulous shower heads. Lighting is a big deal in bathrooms right now with lots of options to create general, task and mood lighting in different zones of the bathroom. Wall and floor tile options to make the room feel larger, and lighter, are a strong trend which we see continuing into the future. And space saving items – like cleverly designed vanities and in-wall cisterns – will continue in their popularity.

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