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Nourish Your Happiness with Thoughtful Home Renovation

What is your level of happiness when you are at home? Don’t forget to consider your peace of mind when planning your home renovation.

What is your level of happiness when you are at home? Most of the time when we talk and plan a home renovation, we refer to increasing the value of our homes.

This is a very valid and important consideration, but what if I tell you there is another essential factor to consider when planning your renovation? One that if you are not careful you may overlook.

Your chi, your peace of mind, YOUR HAPPINESS.

Researchers have discovered a direct link between how you feel about your home and how happy you feel overall. It’s the place that reflects who you are, where you can be yourself, and where you should be able to relax away from the stress of the outside world.

So, what are the elements of a home that nourish our chi?

stunning kitchen with natural views

Favourite Happiness Inducing Home Renovations

Happiness and satisfaction are how folks describe their feelings after a successful home renovation. Interestingly, according to this fascinating survey, there are certain areas that we renovate that create more joy than others.

Kitchen renovations rate the highest in terms of satisfaction. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens so if it’s a well laid out, well-functioning, and light-filled space that reflects our style, we are prone to enjoy it.

A new interior paint job rates next, followed closely by a new bathroom, the place we love to breathe out and relax.

Features in Your Home to Increase Contentment

How sensitive to your home environment are you? If your house is dark, cluttered, dingy, or outdated it may be affecting how you feel when you are there, and if you want to be there. And if it’s affecting you, it may be also affecting your other family members.

Natural light streams into a modern kitchen

Let Natural Light Shine In

Add windows, big ones that give you a view and let lots of natural light fill your rooms to boost your energy. Make it so they open and let plenty of fresh air in.

If windows are not easy to add, think about skylights and other ways of letting the light in.

Increase Storage, Reduce Clutter

Lack of storage in your home may be causing irritation and frustration as you must shove things into crowded spaces. Or even worse end up with unmanageable piles that clog up your family areas.

Add smart storage solutions when you renovate, you will be surprised at how many innovative solutions can be added to maximise the space that you have.

smart storage in a newly renovated kitchen

Colour Does Matter

Painting your home with new or refreshed colours can transform the way that you enjoy your space. Different colours elicit different responses and foster unique feelings.

Before deciding on a colour scheme for your home, talk to an expert who can advise you on what will work best for your needs.

Remake Your Bathroom into Your Happy Place

Add features to your bathroom that don’t cost the earth but make you feel pampered. We all love a day at the spa, but what if that could be every day at home.

Renovate your bathroom with recessed lighting, a glass-encased shower, and other elements for a space that you will always enjoy.

spa-like bathroom renovation

Contact Nouvelle for All Your Renovation Needs

Spend time in the different rooms of your home and discover the areas you love the most, and the ones that you avoid as much as possible.

Apart from renovating for practical reasons, make sure that you include elements in your renovation that reflect who you are, put a smile on your face and will increase your happiness at home. Talk to our designers at Nouvelle for ideas on the perfect renovation design for you.

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