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Mardi Gras in Kitchen Design

The pool of kitchen design ideas is a wonder-creating world, where bold ideas are almost always on the border between exceptional, brilliant, creepy or weird. But, now and then, some of these ideas get embraced by too many people to be ignored, and they get trendy, then become part of the design world and eventually end up being considered great classics.

Many design ornaments and designs are linked or named to “Mardi Gras”, mostly aimed at the LGBT community, but not only.

The signification/link is the bombastic, glamorous, extravagant and sparkling tendency usually related to the Mardi Gras celebrations – which are now happening each year worldwide.

It’s all about the colours

According to the Jefferson Parish website (recommended to visit for more info on Mardi Gras and its history),

“The traditional colours of Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold. These are said to have been chosen in 1892 when the Rex Parade theme “Symbolism of Colors” gave the colours their meanings.”

  • Purple – Justice
  • Green – Faith
  • Gold – Power

But it may also be that so many artists are openly gay, making it obvious that may be bold and original designs may have something to do with the boldness of being different and having the courage to think differently.

The bottom line is, the gay culture is emancipated, and it is here to stay, no matter what some parts of the society will argue or think. This means some of the elements that may fit well within particular interior design and kitchen design projects. In addition, it seems to bring more and more to the culture and fabric of society, which is perhaps a sign of the evolution to a better society.

Mardi Gras and kitchen design

The kitchen and bathroom renovation design space is not an exception, with clear influences beginning to be seen in products and design trends.

To demonstrate this reality, let’s look at several ideas used in kitchen design and interior design from around the world that are either inspired by or clearly within the Mardi Gras space :)…

The below product – extravagant glass tiles for kitchen splash-backs, from a US company. The light effects that can be achieved from a row of LED bars under the cabinet could be stunning in any kitchen renovated using these elegant products.

Mardi Gras theme used in kitchen design
Mardi Gras tiles for Kitchen Design

The full URL of the product is below, in case you’d like to see all the versions

Mardi Gras granite benchtops are also showing up, either in natural stone or polymer.

CASF, an Australian company specializing in solid surfaces for architectural projects, and a national distributor of Corian products, offers the below material – named “Mardi Gras”, available for a multitude of uses, including creating a smartphone charging surface in your kitchen:

Another artificial surface available in the US (Flexmar)

Mardi Gras Polyaspartic Resinous Floor Coating System from Flexmar in the US

Artistic interior design

Work of a well-known Melbourne artist (now living in New York). Imagine what an artist can do with a kitchen renovation if you are after quirky, unconventional design, and you like to entertain…
Using the kitchen renovation to make a statement may mean using the kitchen walls and the cabinets as painter’s canvas, and it is definitely something to ponder upon :).

Stunning ideas from an extraordinarily prolific writer and interior design artist with a large collection of ideas in the form of a personal blog.
Who would have thought there could be such a strong connection between Mardi Gras, gay culture and bathroom design?
I mean, not only the bathroom sink makes a non-conformist statement, but everything else, from the bathroom cabinet to the shower tiles in the back, screams glamour and extravagance, almost in the standard Mardi Gras colours!

We may have got some aspects incorrectly; it’s true when linking Mardi Gras and kitchen and bathroom design. But we’re trying to make a point: when it comes to design and style choices, inspiration can come from various sources, some of which are already making their way into the culture and design.

So, what will be your next non-conformist approach to your kitchen or bathroom renovation?

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