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How to Fit Your Bathroom Out with Maximum Functionality

Our bathrooms sustain a lot of traffic and must fulfil everyone's needs. Find out how to maximise the functionality of your bathroom.

Our bathrooms sustain a lot of traffic and must fulfil everyone’s needs. As the smallest room in the house, we need to pack as much functionality into our bathrooms as possible to ensure they are the best they can be for their size.

Modern bathroom enovation with bathtub

Maybe your bathroom has poorly aged or is no longer meeting your family’s demands. Let’s have a look at how you can build in additional functionality.

Converting for Space

Do you have an old tub in your bathroom that you rarely use? If you are struggling for room in your bathroom, consider converting it to a shower that will give you five extra square metres of space that you can use.

It’s a convenient conversion, and if you use a low-threshold shower, any family member who is senior or has limited mobility will find it easier to use.

Modern shower renovation

Safety Elements

Having safety features added to your bathroom are an intelligent choice. When you have grab bars installed, your bathroom is accessible to everyone. You may not have mobility restrictions, but what about visitors to your home with particular needs?

Grab bars are aesthetically pleasing these days and can seamlessly blend in with your bathroom style. And what you may not realise is that mobility-friendly bathrooms can significantly increase the value of your home.

Let There Be Light

Sometimes we forget to think about the lighting in our bathrooms when considering upgrades. The lighting that you have in your bathroom changes how functional it is and how easy the room is to use.

Unique bathroom lighting

Targeted lighting can help with daily tasks and upgrade the general feel of your bathroom. The lights in a bathroom can change it from a small and cold room to one that is warm and inviting.

Increased Storage

There are different ways to add storage in your bathroom, with one of the most common being an updated vanity unit that holds daily essentials tucked away from sight. To understand your best available storage options, look at how the space is used daily.

Any storage option needs to take into account your personal needs. For instance, if bending over is challenging, look at how to place your storage higher. Be creative to ensure that your bathroom storage needs are met, and your life is made easier.

Creative ways to store in your bathroom

Easy to Clean

Bathrooms are known for being tough to keep clean, especially if there are chipped and old grouted tiles with mold and mildew. And it needs cleaning the most often. Why not look at elements that will be easy to clean when you design an upgrade?

Smart Bathroom Convenience

We all love to stay connected, even during our morning bathroom routine. Check the morning traffic and scope out delays, or watch the news on a flat-screen mounted on your wall and start your day informed.

Large vanity increases storage space in the bathroom

Convenient Accessories

Do you need some well-placed hooks to hang towels or a handy caddy in the shower to tidy up the cosmetic sprawl? You can take advantage of the many ready or tailor-made solutions that can make using your bathroom and keeping it tidy much more manageable.

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