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Fill Your Home with Interesting Decor that Reflects Your Style

One of the difficulties with decorating your home is picking the right things for you. How do you choose from so many options, and where do you start?

One of the difficulties with furnishing and decorating your home is picking the right things for you and your family. So many choices and possibilities are available when it comes to decor. How do you choose from so many, and where do you start? 

The finished product should be a practical home that fits your needs, is comfortable to live in, and reflects your style. We have collated some of our more unusual tips here to get your creative juices going and help you think outside of the proverbial box that may have you stuck.

Asymmetry as an Option

We tend to think symmetry is the only option when designing a room. Using asymmetrical artwork or placements can generate visual interest within a room or space and create the illusion of layers.

Highlighting natural brick in this modern renovation

Highlighting What Is Already There

If your home has great architecture, flaunt it. Highlight exposed brick or rough-hewn ceiling beams and make them features in your home rather than covering them up.

Hide Technology For a Sleek Look

Maybe you don’t want your TV to be a feature in your room. Create a stylish cupboard to house it so it’s only seen when it’s in use. Do you need more bench space in your kitchen? House your appliances within cabinets with easy-to-slide-out shelves containing inbuilt power plugs.

Modern kitchen with technology stored in sleek cupboards

Stunning Moments in Design

Find artwork, paintings, or interesting wallcoverings to add fun and interest to neutral rooms. Something that expresses who you are and makes the room pop.

Embrace Natural Light

Maximise opportunities for utilizing natural light in your home. Skylights are a great way of adding light to dark corners, perhaps leaving areas open or adding a transparent wall to capture the available light.

Mirrors are another perfect way to maximise your available light and make rooms look bigger.

Mixing Antique with Modern

Matching the old with the new in the same space takes a keen eye. But when it is executed thoughtfully, the effect can be eclectic and super stylish. 

Dark tones provide a gorgeous contrast in this kitchen renovation

Incorporate Your Location

Reflect the outside location on the inside. Are you near the sea? Add some nautical references inside your house. It could be a mural, maritime ropes strategically placed, or a seashell-encrusted table.

Brightly Painted Furniture

Introducing brighter colours into your home can be as simple as refurbishing some of your treasured furniture using paint. Items like wooden chairs, bookshelves, and even bookshelves are ideal to use as colourful spots in any room.

Another trick is to utilise bright-coloured rugs to complement any room or serve as a contrast.

Eclectic decor in this new kitchen renovation

Repurposing Adds New Life to Beloved Items

Look at your things that show wear and tear, but you don’t want to let them go. Find new ways to use them. Repurpose them and add a bit of fun to your favourite rooms. 

Contact Nouvelle About Your Renovation

As professionals, we know what we are doing regarding renovations. We know how to maximise the use of your space, design to reflect your lifestyle and renovate to budget and agreed time frames. 

Our state-of-the-art Business Management System, unique to Nouvelle, allows us to operate with a level of scheduling expertise that sets us apart from other providers. It takes the headache out of your renovation, so you enjoy your new space without the stress.

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