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Colour Conversations: Surprising Kitchen Hues in 2022

2022 trends are surprising, remember using colour in innovative ways can make your kitchen into a room you will adore, and everyone will admire.

Whether your renovation is a significant change or simply an update of your colour scheme, the colours you use for your kitchen renovation are up to what you prefer. Remember that using colour in innovative ways can make your kitchen into a room you will adore, and everyone will admire.

Some trends emerging this year are surprising and may give you some awesome ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Stunning kitchen renovation with elegant gold accents

Bring Nature in With Green

One of the popular colours this year in all its shades is green. Usually a colour associated with more traditional styles, green is stepping out and making a splash, turning dull kitchens into elegant and dashing spaces this year.

Fading White into Black

There will always be a space for the brilliance of white in kitchens. But in 2022, the shift is from predominantly white kitchens to black backdrops, appliances, and fittings.

A black & white modern kitchen renovation

Deep Blues

Blue has been a popular colour in the kitchen for years. But our latest trend is rich blues replacing lighter blue tones like peacock blue, cobalt, velvet, and jewel-toned hues. They can be used as the primary colour or a feature like a deep blue kitchen island, while the rest is neutral hues.

Two-tone Options

Renovating with a two-tone finish revamps your kitchen’s feel and makes it seem brand new. It doesn’t have to be only two tones. A third tone can be added as an accent.

Let the Sun Shine into Your Kitchen

Yellow is not for everyone, but it can liven up even the dullest space when used well. It may be a hint of yellow strategically placed to brighten up your kitchen, and it works well with almost any style.

Colour accents brighten up a kitchen renovation

Cool Spectrum Colours

These include green to blue, cobalt, purple, and lavender and are all ideal for creating a space that exudes serenity. They can also make a smaller room seem more spacious.

Pairing Colours in New Ways

Research has shown that colours affect our moods. For instance, yellow encourages optimism. When you pair it with black or charcoal, you can create a summery, modern look for your kitchen. 

Surprising natural light in a kitchen with a natural view

Let’s have a look at some other colour combinations:

Pink with Orange

For a calm but luxurious aesthetic mix, a rose pink with soft orange and nude tones for an elegant space.

Orange with Green

It’s seen in nature, why not in your home? It depends on the tones of these colours that you use. Think of a melon orange with a basil green for an alternate colour combination in your home.

Shades of Hue

Another way of using colour is to use different shades of the same colour, for instance, shades of yellow from bright to straw, to create a bright and airy kitchen.

Gorgeous two-tone kitchen renovation

Contact Nouvelle About Your Renovation

This year, the kitchen and bathroom colour trends are surprising, to say the least. From woody natural mixed with light colour paints to dark colours (as dark as BLACK!), there are some surprisingly fresh choices – see more in the links here and here

At Nouvelle, Style is very important. Colour is a significant part of styling your renovation especially when it comes to giving your kitchen or bathroom the extra oomph that makes people love it when they enter. It ensures you feel you’re not only home but also in your nest of tranquillity.

Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook group – Kitchen Renovation and Design Ideas.

If you have questions about your renovation or remodel and making a statement with tiles in your home, contact us at Nouvelle.

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