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2015 Australian Kitchen Trends

Nouvelle’s expert design team unveils the latest kitchen trends.

Garden in the kitchen ”“ the link between a love of cooking and kitchen design has never been stronger so it makes sense that we”™re now seeing the inclusion of garden elements as essential fixtures within the kitchen. Whether a simple herb garden, situated within easy reach while cooking, or greenery items used for decoration, this clever splash of green immediately softens the sometimes harder edges of the kitchen and creates a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends alike.

Incorporating a kitchen garden into your design brings nature inside your home

Natural/Neutrals ”“ To complement the inclusion of nature within the kitchen, we are also seeing wood textures incorporated into the design of the room. Sometimes used as a feature element and sometimes to bring a much-needed dash of personality to the space, these wood grains add both visual and tactile texture which can act to break up large expanses of cabinetry and, when paired with a neutral colour palette, can be extremely effective.

Natural neutrals work best with a strong texture to make a visual feature

Textured surfaces ”“ not just wood grains, but concretes and stainless steels or natural stones with rough, unfinished edges. 2015 is the year of texture and we”™re seeing a great variety of vertical and horizontal surface options from almost every major manufacturer around the world. Introducing texture allows the kitchen to become an inviting space which encourages visitors to enter, relax, unwind and enjoy your company.

Textured surfaces enhance the ambience of the kitchen and are right on trend for 2015

Pops of colour – We”™re seeing great use of colour to provide visual interest and enhance the design of the kitchen. Hot reds, bright yellows, cool blues and gorgeous greens are making their mark in the kitchens of 2015.

Pops of colour bring personality into the kitchen

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