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Renovation Planning During the Holidays

In the midst of the craziness that is December, it”™s hard to imagine you”™ll have time to stop and relax for any length of time. But, with the stress of Christmas and the merriment of the New Year fading into a distant memory, January is the perfect time to take stock of your home and plan any renovations to improve your lifestyle.

We ask so much of our homes during the Silly Season when we entertain on a small or large scale and enjoy the company of family and friends in our home ”“ whether for long or short stays. But, this pressure often shows up the weaknesses in our home”™s current layout and design which is why this is the best time to think seriously about how you can make improvements.

The kitchen is the room which bears most of the brunt of our Christmas and New Year celebrations and it”™s where a disjointed layout or a badly-planned design will be your worst enemy. There”™s nothing worse than trying to prepare a gourmet meal with no bench space or access to your most-needed items.

But kitchens rarely exist within four walls these days so the rooms adjacent to our kitchens ”“ dining, living and family spaces ”“ will be affected by the overflow. Careful planning and the input of a qualified, specialist designer can help you overcome all these issues and make next year”™s entertaining a breeze.

On average, from the time you first begin to consider a renovation to the time of completion, you should allow a year so planning in January is your key to a relaxed, enjoyable Silly Season next year. The Nouvelle showroom is open through the January holidays and we”™d love to chat to you about your plans to improve your home.

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