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2015 Australian Bathroom Trends

Nouvelle’s expert design team unveils the 2015 bathroom trends

Integrated elements ”“ Clever design now sees a number of elements often integrated into one unit to not only save on space but create a great design aesthetic as well. Monolithic elements make stunning feature pieces in a bathroom and, when designed well, can be an extremely practical inclusion. Balance plays a key role in the effectiveness of this approach and we”™re seeing great use of symmetry as well as off-set pieces for great visual effect.

Bathroom sink integrated into bath

Key features ”“ Bathrooms offer great scope to make a design statement, particularly when key features such as bath, basin and/or vanity, are cleverly designed. The ability to group essential items and link them visually is a trend we see continuing well beyond 2015.

Freestanding bathtub

Clever functionality ”“ The bathroom is a room that simply must function well, as well as look good. We”™re expecting to see a greater focus on bathroom inclusions with clever approaches to design and layout to further enhance the practicality of the space as well as enhance the user experience.

Bathroom vanity with two basins

Storage, storage, storage ”“ Designers are enjoying the wealth of products, fittings and fixtures with which to enhance the bathroom and maximising storage is one area that will only continue to grow. Look for pull-out units, in-drawer organisers, clever nooks and crannies, recessed units and more to make the vanity and other storage units more functional as well as add to the designer appeal of the space.

Extra storage in bathroom vanity unit

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