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Which Coffee Machine

Mmmmm… a magical morning…

The gentle cooing of doves in the tree tops…

A soft breeze ruffling the curtains of your bedroom…

A muted glow of sunlight greeting your slowly opening eyes…

And the smell of fresh coffee brewing…

There is nothing quite like the smell of coffee in the morning!

If you’re a lover of coffee and you are about to re-invent your kitchen, the thought of a ‘magical morning’ tends raise the question: which coffee machine should you install in your kitchen?

Some things you should consider are: do you want the machine to sit on the bench, or do you want one built-in?

The upside to a machine that sits on the bench is that it can obviously be moved around if necessary. The drawback is whilst these machines do not cause bench clutter, they do take away precious bench space. There are several models that can be built in, similar to how an oven or microwave is. And the good news is that not all built in coffee machines need to be plumbed in as some have manual water containers. There are models on the market, eg. a Miele Coffee Machine, that are quite narrow in depth and therefore fit nicely into a standard depth wall cabinet.

Another factor you should consider is whether or not you would like a “Nespresso” machine which uses Coffee Pods or do you want Coffee Beans?

Obviously as new models with improved features come on the market, it would be best to ‘shop around’ – or chat to the friendly team at Nouvelle to find out which would suit your needs.

Your ‘magical morning’ is only a coffee machine away!

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