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Task Lighting in Your Kitchen

Task Lighting is something that once you have it, you will never wish to be without! It is important to have plenty of light on kitchen work areas – from food storage (cupboards) to food preparation (countertops and stoves) through to cleaning areas such as the sink.

Kitchens with only central ceiling lights often create shadows because they are behind you as you work on your benchtop, cutting the light to your task area. Although going to the other extreme is not the answer; having only under cabinet task lights will create a ‘dark kitchen’ as there is no light on the floors, cupboard doors, etc. Functional kitchen lighting is achieved with both central and task lighting.

There are a number of ways to create task lighting in your kitchen:

  • recessed spot lights – create light throughout your kitchen
  • track lights – focuses light on different areas
  • under cabinet lights – focuses light onto benchtops minus the shadows
  • in-cabinet lighting – makes it easier to find what you’re looking for!

Naturally your kitchen’s style will have a bearing on what lighting fixture will work best.

When putting together the design of your kitchen be sure to also consider ambient and accent lighting. These create moods and can help to showcase your prized possessions. And as always, keep sustainable, energy efficiency fixtures in mind.

To achieve the ideal lighting balance in your kitchen design it would be necessary to co-ordinate your designer, electrician and builder – a challenging task, but one that can be achieved through Nouvelle’s ”˜Total Integrated Solution”™ where all your kitchen and bathroom designs and building needs are available from the one supplier ”“ Nouvelle Design.

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