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Kitchen Window Sills

Making the Most of Kitchen Window Sills…

Window sills provide an important design element to your kitchen. They add style and decor, and give an aesthetic framing to the window.  However, larger window sills can provide a functional space as well. The following ideas will give you various suggestions on making the most out of your kitchen sill.

A popular use of a window sill is to grow a herb garden. On the sill, a herb garden will get plenty of light to enable healthy growth. You can also consider other small plants to fill up the space. If the sill is near the kitchen sink, it also allows easy access for watering these plants.

A window sill provides a great spot to enjoy the scenery. Pull up a cozy chair and relax while reading a book. The window brings in natural light and the shelf supplies a built in place for your book or cup of tea.

Consider decorating a deep kitchen windowsill with decorative plates, small plants, mason jars, or vases with flowers. Empty jars or colorful vases capture the light beautifully. Putting up decorative items on an otherwise large empty space beneath the window can accentuate the kitchen charm.

If there is enough room, adding clear shelves gives the area extra storage space without blocking the natural light. On the shelves you can put small decorative pieces or salt and pepper shakers.

There are also more practical ways to take advantage of of window sill space. The ledge can be used for your dishwashing supplies or dish drainer. To make the cleaning supplies more aesthetically-pleasing, put the liquid or powder in decorative jars. Buy a nice wood drainer or rack to stack plates for drying.

While there are other creative ways to take advantage of the window sill in your kitchen, these ideas provide a few suggestions for the use of that space.

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