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Compact Kitchens

Simple and Effective Design Solutions for Your Compact Kitchen:

Having a compact kitchen can be a design challenge. However, even if you do not have the luxury of a large kitchen, a small kitchen can still be comfortable and functional with a few sensible design tips.

One effective design solution is to place smaller appliances in your kitchen. Large appliances can take away valuable floor space as well as cabinet and countertop space. In addition to space-efficient major appliances, consider installing mounted microwaves and flat top burners.

Another design technique for a small kitchen is to buy furniture that is simple and compact. Buying small bistro-style tables instead of bulky wood furniture, compact kitchen modules, and integrated storage compartments are all great ways to utilize small spaces.

With smaller kitchens, it is more efficient to build up instead of across since you may not have a lot of floor space. Take advantage of the ceiling space for shelves and cabinets. Also, use this area for hanging utensil holders and pots and pans to save on drawer space.

Consider a small seating area or bar stools adjacent to a countertop or breakfast bar with cabinets below. If there is room in your kitchen, an island is an great use of countertops to prepare or eat meals. Install storage space underneath to fully utilize that space wisely.

There are minor design considerations you can do to make your kitchen appear larger. Installing a mirrored backsplash and glass or transparent cabinet doors give the illusion of a bigger room. Another clever idea is to add sliding storage drawers under the cabinets. Bright lights along with light paint and window treatments are simple, but effective techniques, which make any room appear larger. Try and avoid dark wall colors or dim lighting.

For more design suggestions for your compact kitchen, contact the Nouvelle designers today.

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