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Kitchen Storage Ideas

One of the great things about designing a kitchen today is the opportunity to kit out your cupboards and drawers with fabulous internal organisational and storage solutions that will make your new space the perfect entertaining partner.

For drawers, think about full-extension runners to ensure the very back of the drawer is easily accessible. And why not include a soft-close option to stop stored items moving around if the drawer is banged shut? While you”™re on the subject, check out some of the fabulous options for managing deep drawers ”“ like individual plate stackers, or moveable pegs that can be arranged specifically to suit your items.

Cutlery and utensil drawers will benefit from an internal organisational system that allows you to group similar items together, allows for good line of sight into the drawer to make the item you want easier to find, and keeps items separated both for safety and ease of use.

For upper cupboards, think about access and what you”™d like to store. A lift system makes it easy to access the cupboard when opening and closing ”“ this could be manual or electronic. For the inside, why not consider a unit that extends outside the cupboard and comes down to where you are?

For pantries, look at a combination of internal drawers and shelving systems. Drawers with clear sides make it easy to see what you have stored inside and to locate the item you are seeking. Drawers are also perfect for storing a wide range of pantry items and allow you to group similar food stuffs together ”“ which will again make it easier when preparing meals.

Walk in pantry storage

For lower cupboards, consider a special drawer to locate your cooking items such as herbs, spices, oils and sauces in a convenient location close to the cooktop. Tall items can be stored in special nooks to ensure they stay upright and do not clank together as the drawer moves.

Your internal storage and organisation needs to be designed as part of your kitchen”™s layout and design so make sure you speak to your designer about what you”™d like to store and where you most often use items. This will help to ensure the end result is the perfect combination of practicality and convenience.

At Nouvelle, our specialist designers have a wealth of knowledge about the latest products for internal organisation and storage as well as have information on hand about new products and new ideas. Talk to us today and let us create your dream kitchen.

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