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Kitchen Cooktops

The three main types of cooktops are:

  • gas cooktops
  • electric cooktops
  • induction cooktops

As with every kitchen appliance and accessory, each has it own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Gas Cooktops
The biggest advantage of gas is that you receive a quick response to raising or lowering heat simply by adjusting the flame, giving you greater control over cooking temperatures.

Gas cooktops are more environmentally friendly than electric as they save on greenhouse emissions, and with the innovation of the pilotless ignition you can save a further 50% on your energy useage.

Sealed surface burners make cleaning a much easier task.

Ceramic cooktops are available in gas.

Electric Cooktops
The main benefit of a the good old electric cooktop is that it provides a constant, even heat source. You also have the advantage of creating a very low heat – something which other cooktops are not always able to achieve.

The electric cooktop generates heat through:

* a coil burner – disadvantage is that much energy is lost through the exposure of the heating element. This exposure also means it is easy to spill food substances onto the coil, and creates a challenge for cleaning.
* a ceramic cooktop -  the element is covered by a ceramic plate, protecting the heating system. It is easier to clean than the coil burner and not as much heat is lost due to exposure.

Induction Cooktops
Induction cooktops heat food in a saucepan at a faster rate than gas or electric, through a magnetic field. There is minimal heat loss and they are safer to use, because the cooktop surface doesn”™t get as hot as other electric cooktops. It also cools down much quicker.  Specific cookware is necessary to enable the magnet field to work

These cooktops still work on an electrical circuit, so may not be as environmentally friendly as gas cooktops.

Induction cooktops are easy to clean and simple to use.

They are more expensive than electric or gas cooktops.

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